The VFX tutorial series by Allan McKay

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I heard about this series of top level VFX lessons by a noted specialist from a member here and was surprised it wasn't mentioned as a separate post.

I'd never heard of him since I don't follow the industry that closely but the guy is an industry leader and has worked on lots of big budget movies like Transformers and such.

He's offering some free tutorials and assets related to a "reverse gravity" destruction scenario till month's end that are way beyond my skill level but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Allan McKay VFX Tutorials



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    This is great!  It may be high end but the knowledge it looks like he's sharing  could be applied to any VFX work one may be doing.

    Again..thanks for sharing!  Although you should have copied a  share link here for yourself and got the extra training and assets. 

    I hope your link is disguised as a share link so you get the extra material. 

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    @Farscape Thanks for the heads up!  

    This looks really interesting.  I keep going, "What's the catch?".  I guess the catch is you have to share with FB friends to receive additional work files?

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    Not that I'd ever find time to take even the basic 18 hour tutorial, I did use a handy referral link since a blatant affiliate money grab wasn't involved.

    I did a forum search first and was surprised none of the experts here hadn't mentioned it already, if they were aware of the free training, then felt the share was worth the risk of a rebuke.

    The Vimeo top 2016 video picks are out as well if you like extreme sports and good stories.


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    No catch it seems. All work files are included with initial sign up. 

    This includes

    • HD shot plate (footage)
    • 3DS Max Scene File
    • Roto-Mask Element
    • HDRI asset

    It does look like if you share the course you get an additional 3 hours course on how to 10x your career and ALL the 3d model assets, textures, UV unwrap, etc,  footage, the scene files, HDRI, ALL of the assets

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    I think Allan McKay is currently more focused on building an email list with a spectacular offering than he is with making money at this point in time. He talks about having over 10k participants so far. That's why I was surprised it hadn't been mentioned yet.

     I just figured I'd take full advantage of his clearly sincere desire to pass on some of his acquired skills before he starts charging.

    Were I to acquire something I could legally share on Dropbox for a brief moment in time I certainly would.

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    Neat! I'll have a look later! 

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    Hmm not seeing an easy way to download these videos, his download link links to the steaming video. No way I am going to able to watch 18hrs in the next two weeks. I could screen capture the video playing but that seems a bummer way to do it.

    Ideas or successes people?

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    I imagine screen capture if you want a copy of video

    I'll be capturing them myself because as you say 18hrs in "these" next two weeks is going to be tough

    ****Edit-  I have a Vimeo account and forgot about this little hack--

    Right click on the video and Save Frame As to save the web archive. Open the html that the Save Frame As opens, view source. - look for the first instance of .mp4 which is the HD version of the video. Copy all code between the "http://" (this will be very long)

    Copy that code to your browser which will load the video again. Give it a few seconds to load...then right click and Save Video As

    Now you have copy. 1st vid is 1.07 gig

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