TV commercial we made with Hitfilm 2017

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It's the winter holidays coming up and one of our customers requested we create an adorable holiday commercial using his lyrics.

We had his family come to our studio (Atomic Cat Interactive in Dade City, FL) and record each person singing the song (for a total of 4 people).  The actual client could not sing in tune, so we had to resort to Melodyne on his track to 'put' him in tune.  We recorded and mixed all the tracks in Presonus Studio One 3 Pro and then exported the mixdown for use in Hitfilm.

Once done with audio, our artist got to work on all the approved storyboards and created custom graphics.  We visualized every line, which allowed an average of 3 seconds per scene.

We used our blue screen (one of the largest commercially available in the state of Florida) to create the live action shots and cut out our client's (and family's) heads to create a bobble-head version for the hero shots.  We used our 4K uncompressed JVC Pro camera with cinema Rokinon lenses (35mm for these shots) for both the blue screen and brake pedal shots.

A few shots required match moving which we did directly inside Hitfilm - did not need to use Mocha.  Color grading was also done to both the live action video and the overall animation scenes to give it a bit of punch.  We put a nice glow shader behind the logo to make it stand out.

Everything went into Hitfilm using 2D, 2.5D and 3D elements to create the following commercial:

I must say, it was easier to animate this in Hitfilm 2017 Pro than other software we have, including Moho 12 Pro - which is MEANT for this kind of stuff.  In the end, it was easier and quicker to do it ALL in Hitfilm.



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    That's a lot of fun! Quite a few different elements to juggle in that ad--it's pretty visually dense for that "simple cutout" style of animation. The Melodyne processing actually came out pretty transparent in the mix--usually I pick up on auto tuning a mile away. 

    So the only mystery is why Dade City is in Pasco County while Miami gets Dade County! (Joke--originally from Miami, here, later, Tallahassee, but in California since '82)

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    LOL.  Because the rent was cheaper and the location was available.  TBH, the studio is AMAZING!  4,000 sq. ft. with a 1,700 sq. ft. blue and white screen with a blue screen stage (and mats for our motion capture suits).  We even have a 3D mapping 4K drone to use as our jib crane!


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    @karma Way to go karma! 

    Nice to see HF used in a commercial.  Agree with Triem on the density, (lots of bobble heads!), but it is nice and clean and has the right fun factor.   Your client should have been pleased.  I hope you charged accordingly. :)

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    Black tires against a black road = hovercar at 2-3seconds, but I love it. :D So much going on, I watched it in a loop trying to see all that was in there.

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    This is great! Every time I watch it I see something new.

    How do you like the JVC camera? 

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    I initially suspected it was done in Moho or Reallusion's CrazyTalk Animator so I'm glad you cleared that up. It sounds like you have opened up new avenues for producing 2D animations within Hitfilm alone.

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    @Karma  Great presentation, and I am suffering from severe "Equipment Envy!"  Sounds like you have a Lamborghini studio setup to my Dodge Vega one.  But I realize you are using yours for actually making money and I am just learning and playing for whimsy...

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    I love the JVC - I bought the major Rokinon lenses (Cinema DX) that we would need (14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 85mm and 120mm I think) and the camera itself is a juggernaut for professional video.  The 4K output is simply stunning on our 4K displays (including our 55" and 65" Sony 4K TVs for client reveals and editing).  I use the JVC on a set of Bogen sticks with a Manfrotto fluid head.  I have a cinematic rig with follow focus, matte box, etc. Really great shots from that setup.

    Yeah, we set up our studio for high end effects and productions.  A LOT of the gear we have, I bought over the months and years - and not all in one big purchase.

    I agree - Hitfilm was actually SO MUCH easier to use than Moho 12 Pro, Modo 10 Pro or any of our other 2D and 3D software.  In fact, Hitfilm is now our go to software for all client productions.  It works like a really slick 3D animation software but has all the necessary controls, like bezier paths, 3D model loading and keyframe animation. But you can go much farther because it's a solid video editing and compositing software as well. To do it all in one software allows for ultra high quality in a minimum amount of time and frustration.

    My one real problem is that I need an even larger drive than I have because you need to proxy EVERY composite shot when dealing with particles or too many effects and every composite had tons of everything - from particles, video and audio to color grading, color wheel correction, shaders and more.

    Yes, we had to rush this - it was created in less than 10 days from concept and story boards to completion. We were trying to get it on air for the month of December.  The bobble heads are the client and his family, so pretty much the most important part of the commercial besides the message.  The dude is our in-house artist, Dustin.  A very good sport, he allowed us to test out the blue screen, lighting and cameras (the studio is less than 4 weeks old),

    Thank you for the kind comments.


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    @karma I was kind of hoping you were going to say you hated the JVC! JVC is taking a grand off the price right now making it a great deal. Unfortunately even with that I don't think I can swing it right now but if I don't I'm going to be kicking myself for a long time to come.

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    Awesome, very cool stuff. :)

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