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Hey, so i'm 17, want to start making promotional videos for local businesses, which means im going to be setting up a business basically.
I have done lots of research and talked to people i know running film companies, and i've been told one of the main things i will need is a letter of engagement. However i am not too sure where i can get one of these, or if i can write one myself, i mean, can i write a legit one without needing a special license? i don't really know. Please help!
I am setting up as a basic sole trader, self employed... Doing money transactions via cash probably, just wondering if i need to register if i am going to be self employed.
thanks for helping!


  • duffman
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    Hey Froi,
    Nothing will create more excitement, depression, sleepless nights, satisfaction, frustration, or "AH-HA I GOT IT!", moments then owning and running your own business.
    Not knowing what country you are in keeps me from offering advice. I am guessing you are outside of the USA as I have never heard of a "Letter of Engagement."
    I will say, if you are going to try to develop a business with real companies/corporations, they are going to want to do business with another real company.  That means, tax id numbers, proof of liability insurance, proof of incorporation, a Dun & Bradstreet ID number, ect. You dont need all this to start, but you will need to show you are a real business. 
    Go for it!!!
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    It seems to me that at 17, just worry about getting some work in right now. Go out and shoot some promo's , put together a showreel and just get some experience doing it. When money actually starts coming in, worry about the business documents later.