My first film. (Gaming / Sofa Room Cam + Captured game footage from old hardware)

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Hi all! I'm so glad I found hitfilm, I've been wanting to do something for months and months. I finally had a filming day and 2 weeks ago downloaded hitfilm. My first result is here.


Its a retro gaming show show where we play old games on real hardware. I've been learning so much. There are cables everywhere but I'm on somewhat of a budget.

i captured the people footage with my iPhone 6s. I have a light I got from eBay. The room talking audio was from a condenser mic into my Mac. And the footage was captured direct to a capture box via an xrgb framemeister.

Even though I somewhat learned on the fly and brute forced my way to victory, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


but I'm here to learn so if there is anything obvious I should be looking at im happy to take direction or suggestions. I'm going to be making some small changes to mic placement that I think will be better. 

The main editing problem I faced was lining up the voice track. It occasionally lost sync but I've done my best given my limited experience. 

The other stuff would be ways to increase workflow speed when cutting up shots and cuts like the picture in picture or the duplicated full screen game shots with the blur background - I had to set it all out first and then go composite shot to shot doing it manually. Didn't seem to be a way to do it as a  batch?

anyway, thanks so much and nice to meet you! 



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    Pretty entertaining.  NIcely done.

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    Here's some editing tips for next time:

    Your audio drift is from your talent footage coming off a phone and your game footage from a capture box. Phones (and cheap gaming capture boxes) record variable frame rate, and NLEs require a constant frame rate. You'll need to transcode your footage to a constant framerate. The first tutorial in this thread covers using Handbrake (free) to convert to constant framerate. The second has optimized settings for editing performance in Hitfilm:

    For speeding up Picture in Picture effects there's two ways to speed this up. The first is to set up a "template" Composite Shot with a generic setup--you're still moving in the actual media, but if you parent your "real" media to the temp media the open up the Transform properties and set scale (on the real media) to 100% and position to 0,0 the "real" media will snap into position over the temp. Effects chain can be copy/pasted or, you can select all the effects in a chain, right-click and "Save as Preset" to drag and drop later. Effects presets in HFE4 are found at the bottom of the Effects browser panel.

    The other speedup is to spend money on the Starter Pack add-on which has a specific Split-Screen effect and some other very useful effects (3D Extrusion is great for titles). 

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    Thank you :). I'm looking forward to learning more, sounds like the perfect place to start and get some kind of foundation! 

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    We're a very friendly and helpful forum. We all like to share workflow and effects tips. We all learn together. :-) 

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    Great, I hope to help someone else one day then. I'm not too bad with pro tools if I can help anyone there.

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    I'm not having much success with audio sync :(.

    I've used handbrake to convert to a constant frame rate, it doesn't make any difference either way. I line up my DAW recorded audio and its fine at the start but it always goes out after 10 / 20 minutes. It doesn't matter if the project is set to 44.1khz or 48khz.  Or if i use the 44.1khz or 48khz audio from pro tools. Ive tried it either way.

    The footage and project i have is locked at 59.94frames and the audio from the camera is 44.1khz.

    The only thing I'm finding that works is to manually nudge it back after a certain amount of time.

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