Using SAG actors in a Marvel fan film

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I was going to use some SAG actors in an extremely low budget (900 dollars )marvel parody film.  I know the SAG new media contract covers them doing non union work for a one day shoot, but if they are playing Matrvel characters, does that propose another barrier?
I see tons of fan films out there, and I know Marvel can take them down- but Im not sure if any of the actors in them are SAG .
Please advise and thanks in advance:)


  • MichaelJames
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    As a SAG-Aftra actor and the only one I know who makes student films that are SAG-Aftra it does not actually have to be a challenge.  You can call SAG-Aftra and they can walk you through setting up the proper agreement for your production or production company to do it for free.  So that's not a problem.  A Marvel fan film can be done for no profit.

    You will have a million people who jump on this and give dire warnings of using copyrighted material.   So the biggest barrier is if you try to peddle your fan film around to earn a profit.  If youd like some free legal information on the film industry and get your questions answered by practicing lawyers... there is that website which is a San Diego based group who has tutorials on their website and have hours where you can call and ask questions.