What is the lighting in this clip?

I love the lighting on Oprah in this clip.

What is it and how can I recreate it?


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    @Sarahnew   Just a guess here, but it looks like they might have used something to diffuse the like and make it soft focus.  Either some soft box lights or those white sheer umbrellas attached in front of the lights, or a scrim panel that hangs in front of the lights  It also appears that they are moved back a ways so the light level isn't so overpowering (or they could be using lower wattage lights and there doesn't seem to be any backlighting as she tends to blend into the backdrop.  But I'm not a professional this is just a quarter-experienced (and that may be overly generous) opinion. That's half a semi-experienced...

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    If you look at the highlights in her eyes, this appears to be "Clam Shell" like lighting; although the upper light looks to be place a bit camera right. The highlights are rectangular, consistent with  soft-boxs, and she is displaced from the backdrop quite a bit so we don't have strong lighting on the background. She looks to be softly focused or perhaps diffused with something over the lens

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    You may also notice that there is no shadow under her face so a reflector would come in handy.      There are a significant  amount of tutorials on You Tube as well as other video sites related to lighting and the many variations of three point lighting.  For me getting three clamp on light fixtures from Home depot and a foam head from Hobby Lobby that I stuck on  a PVC stand allowed me to experiment with all the traditional lighting styles. 

  • Always difficult to work out these things because so much could have been changed in post.

    Assuming it's mostly in camera, I'd say it's a beauty dish with a grid on the front has been placed just above camera and focused on her face.

    A large softbox is under the camera, note the shadow area on top of her chest and the well lit area under.

    Both beauty dish and soft box would havee been really close to the subject in order to soften the light as much as possible. The further away the light is from the subject, the harder it becomes.

    Ratio of lights is probably close to 1:1.

    That's my guess anyhow