What will happen if I use the Star Wars title music....

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so I know You Tube can and will take down videos with copyright music, but I am sure I have seen plenty of videos using the classic tones of the open Star Wars track on their videos. So my question is will I get away with it. My channel is nonprofit making (I have Ad revenue turned off). The video is non-comercial.



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    Beats the hell out if me. I've had YouTube auto flag videos for 10 seconds of John Williams music (basically restricting it to US viewers only) while seeing other people post entire direct rips from the film with no problems.

    Chances are no one will directly file copyright claim--Lucasfilm has been tolerant of fan film. An auto flag might restrict what countries the video appears in, and will block you from monetizing, but that's all. Auto-flagging copyrighted audio has no direct negative consequences. An entity has to directly file a copyright claim against you for a copyright strike. In this case your video will vanish, some YouTube functionality will go away for siz months, and YouTube will completely ignore any appeals you make, choosing to hypocritically assume you are guilty until proven innocent (parody and review are valid fair use), despite the fact that YouTube (and Google as a whole)  thrives on stolen material. 

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    what will happen? Darth Vadder change the sword-batterie  and Yoda awake the big lebofski.

    When you not commercialyse your channel and youtube not see the fraud... nothing will be... a plenty of lego-starwars channel use more starwars music and they are all activ..

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    Cheers, hopefully I'll get this little project done and get it online before Xmas.