Export audio out of sync

First, I have tried to find a solution to this problem on the forums, but haven't been successful.

My imported footage: gopro, 1080 60fps

exported: 1080 60fps quicktime

the issue I am having is 2 fold, one the export quality is very low and 2 the audio is badly out of sync and seems to become worse as the video progresses.

audio speed is fine, video speed seems to be slow. 

everything works fine if I don't compress the export, but then I have a 100gb file for a 4minute video.





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    The techies are going to want to have the Mediainfo report of one of your clips, export the report as a .txt and post the contents here, so that they can evaluate what's going on. 

    After reading that again, what's your "Level" set to in the Export settings, and what's the bitrate?

    Simplest would be to provide us with a screenshot of your "Export" window.

  • thanks, i was able to solve the issue by uploading directly to youtube from hitfilm.

    but i wouldt really call that a fix...