'the written note' a meaningful short movie!

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Hey guys, 
Me Ravi and My friend Chris are two 3D/VFX Artists from Sri Lanka. 
We worked in several local big budget feature films such as Matha, Kusa-Paba and Alone in a Valley
With all these experience on the field we thought of porting our selves into the film making. 
As a part of that, we are about to make a short movie, which carries a good message to the society
The short movie is called "the written note". 
to know more about our movie and our selves:
So, for that you can also be a part of the movie by funding a small sum of money
In return you will be specially mentioned and thanked in our short movie. 
We attached a link above to know more about our movie and our selves. 
You can choose our perk options which we mentioned there. 
It will be more helpful if we can get your kind contributions.
Please take part in our social service project. 
Thank you for your valuable time.
May god bless you