Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Hit Film Pro...

I've used SOny Vegas PRo since version 8.  Currently,  I use the Ver 13.

I have used magix audio applications, which are OK and simple enough.  However,  I am not prepared to purchase Sony Vegas 14.  I suspect it will not be much more than to pull us into a purchase without much improvement or cause to really buy it. Sometime back I was thinking from things I read that HF pro was going to be a viable NLE and alternative to Vegas Pro.    Also, was thinking the reason Sony sold it was companies like FXhome were doing more things to actually acquire more market share among NLE applications.

Sony quit on Cinescore and I was left with alot of plug ins.  Then they sell off Vegas I'm thinking I should reset. 

I am looking seriously towards purchase of HF Pro 2017, but NLE is still important to my work process.

I would appreciate to read some ideas from others with some of these ideas in mind.


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