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So here's the deal: I've really been wanting to make HitFilm tutorials for some of the more inexperienced users, and seeing as I've been a diehard HF user for a couple years now, I think I have enough experience to help some people out.

The problem is that the version I own is HitFilm 2 Ultimate, which is extraordinarily old even though I'm doing fine with it. Hardly anyone uses this version, so I'm afraid my tutorials would be useless to people.

So I guess what I'm asking is, are the new versions of HitFilm similar enough to 2 Ultimate for my tutorials to make sense? Will the information easily translate to other versions or is mine so radically different that I might as well not do it? It seems that HitFilm is still essentially the same in recent versions with a few extra bells and whistles, but I could be wrong.

(FYI I'm a bit hard on cash right now so I can't purchase the latest versions...)


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    @austintheweird For the most part the information will translate to other versions but it's worth pointing out you could grab a free license for HitFilm 4 Express and run it side by side with 2 Ultimate. 

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    Austin a lot of HFU2 features still apply for later versions, but there are fundamental changes in some areas. Particularly in keyframe animation--HF4 has a value graph system that really changes things up. There are some fundamental changes in 3D models and particle sims as well. 

    I think I agree with Aladdin4d here. Grab Hitfilm 4 Express (it will run alongside 2U nicely) and see what techniques apply to 4E for tutorials. Stick with 2U only for things you can't do in 4E.

    Otherwise, you do good work and I am sure you have valuable techniques to share. 

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    I made my first few tutorials with the demo version of HitFilm Ultimate. It works fine unless you're showing off a final effect, which meant back then I had to upload it to YouTube then download it in 480p.

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think 4 Express is a great option!

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    I should hope, or imagine, that if you produce some fantastic tutorials that generate some YouTube traffic back to the Hitfilm site (provided you really promote it and add proper links and an SEO description) you might just find yourself the recipient of an upgraded license key to at least something slightly more recent than V2.

    Content is king and old keys are pawns.

    Mind you, it will be very hard to compete with the likes of Simon or Axel when it comes to producing excellent tutorials. I really don't think the program would be nearly as successful without their gifted teaching styles.

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    I think if the tutorials are good and clear and informative and don't too much on ground already covered by Hitfilm and others then sure go for it, the version should not matter too much if your target audience is newbies (excuse that word) and you can always do both, do some Express ones that show off what that can do, but then states if you upgrade to pro your get access to this effect or that. Or even just refer to the pack they would need to replicate the effects you used in HFUltimate.

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    As someone who watches these tutorials, I likely wouldn't watch if it's an older version nor on a topic that's been covered. Bring something new and if using an older verion point out compatibility issues.

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    I'm new to HitFilm and enjoy peoples tutorials. For me I look at the Effect/Feature/HowToUse then the Date it was uploaded and then the version.

    So I would encourage anyone to do tutorials, I too want to upload some in the future. Mainly on smaller how to details others seem to assume everyone knows.

    Would like to see tutorials for Pro2017 new features especially mocha effect as I don't get how to use the new drop on built in effect.