Does Hitfilm pro 2017 support RAW?  and if not will it? And how many users here use RAW?I've used it a few times but must run it through Davinci Resolve first and then export it to .mov or .mp4 before i use in in Hitfilm pro 4 




  • Aladdin4d
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    The Windows version of HitFilm Pro 2017 has native support for Cineform via the Cineform SDK so it might support 12 bit Cineform RAW but I don't know for sure because I haven't tried it yet nor have I seen anything from a staff member about Cineform RAW yet. 


  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    I'm hoping for raw support myself, but most raw formats are probably going to require quite a bit of effort. I'd guess that the most likely ones are CinemaDNG because it's a fairly open standard so doesn't require a lot of figuring out how to decode stuff on FXHome's part, but it's also a very inefficient format that requires huge amounts of disk bandwidth.

    Next most likely I'd guess is KineRAW because I would expect an up and coming company that wants to break in to want to help FXHome get their format up and running in something other than Scratch; Scratch is an amazing color suite, but it's pricier and has a steeper learning curve.

    Third up is probably RedCode, due to the fact that Red provides an SDK to decode it and I'm an optimist. :)

     And because FXHome is promoting the new 8K support feature ;)