Keys are too narrow in Key-Value pairs on Timeline and Control Tabs


HitFilm Pro 2017 - 2016-11-26 11:52 am


MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.1
HitFilm Pro 2016 v 5.0.0098


In using the timeline and control table, the keys width get progressively smaller while it's value get larger. This results in keys being almost useless as an indicator of what value is being modified..


The ratio of key-value widths should favor key part.


  1. Open HitFilm
  2. Create a composite shot
  3. Add a Particle Simulator
  4. Drill down New Particle Simulator - Emitters - Emitter - Particle Systems - Particle System - Appearance
  5. Use the software while observing the widths of key-value pairs



  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Posts: 4,377 Expert

    I have been seeing the same thing, Windows 10, and I was holding off on reporting as yet. I was a little confused about your using the word "keys" for the control text label. I have always used the word label mostly because that is what GUI APIs have normally called it.

    Here is my sample video.

    I have uninstalled Hitfilm 4 but this shows a project @AxelWilkinson did in HF4 so looking at that video tutorial shows what HF4 looks like. First HF4 was fine with the proportions of the text label and control itself. Hitfilm 2017 is seriously whacked.

    At first project open the labels are workable but not terribly okay. Not as good as HF4. Then while expanding the panel to try and get the labels to not be truncated one has to expand an inordinate amount. I do not need a 5 inch slider. That is just a waste of space. The slider and most other controls work as smaller dimensions but text labels are never readable unless fully utilized.

    In my example video I expand the panel watching the text labels and then I contract back to the proportions on project open. The labels are trashed. One would think the label should be the same as on project open given the panel width is exactly the same. No so.

    I know Hitfilm 2017 has a problem with label/control proportions when switching between different composite timelines. That one just smells like a memory overwrite type bug. A value being clobbered. Here the proportion value is constantly being computed as I drag the panel width so it seems a different situation/bug than the other known HF2017 label/control bug.

    Some labels are long so if one is trying to get more horizontal control space then make the label two lines. Heck two line labels come for free with any control like texture angle per second since the control has the circle angle widget which takes enough vertical space that a two line label does not add space.

    Here the bug seems to be the label/control proportion calculation is unacceptable. Please go back to what Hitfilm 4 did.

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