Unable to Export HitFilm Pro 2017 (Resolved)

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I  just upgraded  to hit film pro 2017 and activated , when i click export nothing  happening.


  • Triem23
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    Ok you've been running HF4 so I assume your machine is above spec. 

    Go into File>Options> Activation and make certain your system is activated.

    Exporting in 2017 is different. You use the export buttons on the left of the Track/Layer stack to send to the Export Queue. In the Export Queue screen make certain your media is in the left panel. Select export settings in the right panel and assign to your media.  

  • jaa
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    I am not using HF4 ,I have HF2 upgraded to 2017 and i am using Mac , when i open HF Pro 2017 I go to file >there is no option>and Activation  option to click

  • AxelWilkinson
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    On the Mac HitFilm follows standardized Mac practice, so you have to open the Preferences, from the Mac menu, to get to the activation tab.

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