HitFilm Ignite (Previous Version)...

...Seems to consistently crash Magix Vegas Pro 14 Builds 201, 189, and 161 (per tests). Crash occurs immediately on project load since there is an effect (cine style) at the very beginning of the timeline. (If Ignite is uninstalled, then the missing plug-in message is given but the project loads successfully.)


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Sorry to hear you are seeing a crash. Can you please give us some details about your computer?

    Graphics Card:

  • AlAry
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    Well, works fine with 13. It seems as though most of these kind of problems have to do with the switch from Sony to Magix. Is there perhaps a "Magix" version?


  • Triem23
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    You're correct, a lot of these problems happen with the switch from Sony to Magix. 

    A lot of the system calls in Vegas' 6-13 were looking for a flag named "Sony.Vegas"(notably for scripts). With the sale to Magix, these "Sony.Vegas" flags got renamed. Fortunately to a more generic naming than Magix.Vegas.

    However, on the Vegas forums other Vegas Devs have noted that it's not a trivial undertaking to patch Vegas 13 plug ins to Vegas 14. (John Rofrano, in particular, is pissed)

    In this case, chances of a patch are very small. 

  • NormanPCN
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    OpenFX plug-ins are not affected by the Vegas script object name change. OFX plug-ins that attempt to validate/approve the host that is attempting to load them may have a problem. This can even extend to the host version number. By that I mean a plug-in can reject version 14 of a host and accept version 13 if you catch my drift. 

    Vegas extensions, which may seem like a "plug-in" are affected because they are mostly just compiled scripts. The VASST stuff (Rofrano) is included in this. The script name change went from "Sony" to "ScriptPortal". So Sony.Vegas goes to ScriptPortal.Vegas.

  • Triem23
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    @NormanPCN thanks for the correction and clarification. This also reminds me to upgrade my Vegasaur. I'm still hoping for an Ultimate S upgrade. Charge $, Rofrano, I'll pay. 

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