Performance HF2017 with h264 mov


I have HF4 pro and my setup is strugling with the footage I shoot with my canon xa10 camera.

If I load more than 15 h264 with mov container files in HF pro 4  the system becomes very slow. I have a HP zbook with an I7 and 32Gb of ram.

Are there improvements in handling these files in the new version?


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    I don't think  anything has changed.

    Are your files in Quicktime MOV out of the camera. A quick Google indicates the xa10 outputs AVCHD.

  • yes, it outputs AVCHD (.mts). My bad...

    I have and old desktop with reasonable i5 and gtx660.

    Should it be better to upgrade that one with an gtx1060 to gain a better performance...

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    Extra GPU power does not help with basic file playback. This is controlled by the CPU. The GPU kicks in when you start adding effects, layers and such.

    Hitfilm is not a fast/efficient editor in this regard (basic playback)(relative to others) and often needs media transcoded to the lowest video decode overhead formats to help this out. We users can't change the app but we can change the media. Most commonly DNxHD is put forth as a solution to basic playback issues. Those files will be 4-5x larger than typical AVC camera files. As output by most cameras, AVC has a high decode overhead relative to other formats like DNxHD, Prores, mpeg-2. You generally need a faster PC for AVC. More so for Hitfilm. AVC can have a lower overhead, and keep filesize down, but that still requires a transcode.

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    What program should I use for uncompressing to DHxHD?

    Medion has this laptop on sale.

    Erazer X7847



    • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor
    • OS: Windows 10 Home
    • Videokaart: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060
    • Geheugen: 16 GB
    • SSD capaciteit: 128 GB
    • 1000 Gb HD (54 rpm)

    Would this setup be sufficient for trailers (up 3 min) full with effects and/or  simple editing (minimal effect) with a length of 90 mins?

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    Yes, that ought to do pretty well for most things. I still would advise against using h.264 because it's just a lousy capture codec, but that setup should do pretty well for pretty big projects. I'm editing several hour long videos in HitFilm on Kaby Lake machine with 16GB of ram and no dedicated GPU (yet, I do plan on adding one eventually via a RazerCore), and with the exception of having some major conniptions when I apply effects, it's doing well.

    The integrated GPU has exceeded expectations, but it's still not a great GPU, so I didn't expect any different, but a 1060 is when you get down to it, ridiculously powerful. Especially for the price.

    Not that you won't be able to flatline it if you try hard enough ;)

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    Only thing I would recommend is upgrading that HDD to a 7200rpm model. 7200rpm was considered minimum drive speed for SD video, much less HD or 4K. Better yet, another SSD. 

    If the laptop is pre-configured (you can't customize at factory) it's pretty easy on most laptops to swap the HDD yourself. You could even get an external enclosure for that 5400rpm drive and keep it as an external for making backups.