Exporting audio as multiple tracks

I'd like to improve my Audio tracks in Audacity.  What's the usual workflow to do it?

Is it possible do position the tracks to the video in HitFilm, export them all to Audacity in a multi tracks format, and then import the new track again to HitFilm to put it to the video?

I think if I export in HitFilm, the tracks will be mixed as just two channels.

I'm also open to other workflows or softwares to use for audio editing.


  • StormyKnight
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    @PauloEduardoNeves - What version of HF are you using?

    If you have all the music and video timed out together so you know what length of things you will need- I would start by running the audio tracks from the source files through Audacity before putting them in HF.

    And you are correct, exporting multiple sound tracks from HF will give you two track stereo.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @PauloEduardoNevesIf you're going to be using Audacity be sure to grab the FFMpeg import/export library for it too because that will let you open video clips within Audacity.

    My advice might change if you're using HitFilm Pro 2017 but assuming you aren't I think your best option is to use Audacity with the FFMpeg library to extract the audio from your clips to WAV files first then import both the clips and the WAV files. This gives you some flexibility in working with individual tracks in Audacity before you get to the point of doing a final mix. Depending on what all you want to do you might even be able to get by without having to export multiple tracks from HitFilm later.

    If you have to go back to Audacity for a final mix then it gets complicated. HitFilm does not have an option for exporting multi-track audio or even a way to export just a wav file so what you're going to have to do is mute all but one track and export an uncompressed AVI and uncheck the Export Video option. This gives you an audio only AVI and you'll have to do this for each audio track. You should be able to open the audio only AVI's with Audacity where you can do a final mix and export a stereo track to go back to HitFilm.

  • neves
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    Aladdin4d! Your tip were great. I just had 3 tracks. My workflow was:

    1. Positioned the sound tracks in HF4E.
    2. For each trach, I muted the other audio tracks and exported to uncompressed AVI with no video.
    3. Imported each track to an Audacity project.
    4. Edited, improved the audio, reduced noise, mixed and exported to a wav file. Audacity user interface is weird!
    5. Imported the wav file to my original HF4E project as an 4th audio track and muted the others. Now all my data is in only one project.
    6. Now I can export or make minor audio editing in HF4E.

    I still have a doubt. If I reexport the wav file from Audacity and overwrite the file that is the 4th track in HF4E, is it necessary to do anything in HF4E to reload the file?

    I saw that there is an option to relink the file when I right click on the Media tab. I did it, but don't know if it is really necessary.

  • neves
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    Answering my own question: No, after exporting from Audacity the 4th track will automatically reload.

    This software is great!