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I'm currently working on a short film for my college class video production and this is my first  short film.   I'm editing this scene and i'm  seeing some distortion/noise in the image.  I have tried to remove the distortion and it makes it worse.  The genre is horror.    What should I do?  Should I  keep it to add to the effect of a horror short film or cut the scene out.    I sadly do not have time to reshoot the scene. Below is an example of the distortion.  



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     Doesn't look like the link to your image worked properly, could you check your link so we can take a look?

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    try this ...


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    Hard to say, not knowing the importance of the scene, but the still you posted looks reasonable to me if it supports the storyline 

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    @Anderson01498 I edited your post to correct the image link. This forum doesn't allow uploading images so to post a pic here you need to use an image hosting service like you did but then you also need the direct link to the image. With Tinypic that means having their "raw image" link. Once you have the direct link then you can click on Insert Image and paste the link in the dialog that pops up.

    Now about the image itself - That's a lot of noise so unless you have HitFilm Pro or you can afford to purchase the Repair Pack I think your best bet is to keep if it adds to the look you're going for.

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    I do have Hitfilm pro 4 and I have tried to remove it by using denoise and grain removal.  It's not a pretty site when I try to fix it.  I even try to bump up the edges do I can keep the detail and it still doesn't look pretty.   Does having this much of noise add to the effect of horror short film or does it distract the audience's attention?