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Hi there,

I was hoping that in HitFilm Pro 2017, it would have a big audio setup because I hate using Sony Vegas Pro 14 (No Offence) because it hard to navigate. But with HitFilm, it is a lot better as I am used to it due to the fact I own from 1 to 5 (Pro 2017) of Hitfilm versions.

My son was wondering if there is a way that video tracks with multiple audio layers can be added to the timeline with all the tracks showing. This would be extremely useful as this is the only reason why my son has to use Sony Vegas, and I would like to cancel it so my son will be able to use "a much more familiar and better software for my videos" <- A quote from him.

So if anybody like Axel or team staff members would like to show me how to do it. (NOT WITH AUDACITY OR ANY 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE) As this can be a life and death issue with a lot of the Hitfilm Community  at the moment. As HItfilm 4 Pro, I asked the same question and I saw a lot of members ask as well as they, like my son, uses OBS Studio.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 and 14 both have this feature where you just drag the MULTIPLE AUDIO TRACK Video into the timeline and all of its layers of audio show at the same time.

This could get a lot of film or content producers to come this way to Hitfilm. And this could be a neat feature.



  • NormanPCN
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    No Hitfilm 2017 does not import secondary audio tracks from MP4 files. It still only imports the first audio track linked to the video track.

    As you know the workaround is to extract the second audio track and import that separately.

  • Triem23
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    ElMagoo you said "cancel" Vegas Pro, which confuses me, since Vegas  isn't a subscription.

    Now as Norman said, Hitfilm won't read multitrack auduo, so there's no other choice but to use another package to extract audio. BUT, you already have the tool to do it. Vegas! 

    Solo each audio track in Vegas, render them out as WAV files, then go ahead and import all your files to Hitfilm to edit. 

    Not the answer you were hoping for, but it's what you'll have to do for the moment. 

    Are you using Vegas Movie Studio or Vegas Pro? If Pro, I can talk you through a couple of steps to speed up the extraction so your son can more quickly prepare his files to import into Hitfilm. :) 

  • NormanPCN
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    Here is a simple drag and drop (file explorer) Windows command script using ffmpeg to do second audio channel extraction. 1..N number of files. Extracted audio has the same name as the source video with "_2nd" appended to the name. Change the ffmpeg path to the location you unzip it.

    Just in case anyone is interested.

    @echo off

    c:\systools\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i %1 -vn -c:a pcm_s16le -map 0:a:1 "%~dpn1_2nd.wav"
    if errorlevel 1 goto error

    if NOT %1$==$ goto top
    goto :EOF

    echo !!! error encoding !!!

  • ElMagoo
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    NormanPCN and Triem23, thanks for the feedback and I meant I have Sony Vegas Pro14 that is shared by my friend. So how would my son do this then Triem23?

  • StormyKnight
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    @ElMagoo - Just a tip- if you would like to get someone's attention put an @ in front of their screen name when addressing them. That way they will be notified that there was a comment directed to them. ;^)   So @Triem23 will get his attention.

  • ElMagoo
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    @Triem23 , how would you do this in Sony Vegas Pro 14??  @AxelWilkinson is it simple to add this. Is there any way to mod HitFilm Pro 2017 or do we have to wait like a million years to realise that the other competing software manufactures use a simple tool that is also in VLC media player to view and edit different tracks? (P.S. I am not trying to be mean in any way)

  • Aladdin4d
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    @ElMagoo Audio has been a weak spot for HitFilm but it gets better with each release. HitFilm Pro 2017 still doesn't handle clips with multiple audio tracks but it did finally include a lot of the core elements needed to support that kind of thing so I'm sure that ability is in the works but I couldn't say when it would be added to HitFilm.

    @Triem23 already mentioned how to use Vegas - Import your clips, drop them on the timeline and Solo an audio track and render to a Wav file. Repeat for each audio track. 

    Even though you need FFMpeg  @NormanPCN's suggestion is a very good one. Nothing actually gets installed and if you don't like the drag and drop method you could add his script to the Windows right click Sen To menu as well. On a side note VLC is probably using the FFMpeg library to handle multiple audio tracks too.

    Elsewhere I posted how to use the free Avidemux to extract audio tracks for your son and even though there's some hatred there Audacity with the FFMpeg import/export library really is one of the best tools, free or paid, around for working with audio.