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HitFilm really have to solve some of the fundamentals of media handling. As of now there is limited support for ProRes (Mac only) and limited support for CFHD (PC only). I can't however get CFHD files to work at all. But there's no support for DNX. And not much else in the way of intermediates. There's DVCPROHD support (.mxf). What about Sony?

What's the thought on workflow.? What's the highest level of post production workflow that can be achieved ingest -> output? On Mac and PC?


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    When you say DNX, are you referring to DNxHD/HR or something else? Because the latter are still what you call them. I don't know what DNX is other than the container, not a codec.

    What's new for HitFilm 2017 is the native Cineform support, perhaps you could elaborate a bit more about what you feel is missing?

    "What's the highest level of post production workflow that can be achieved ingest -> output? On Mac and PC?"

    What do you mean by this? Are you talking about the length of your final export? To my knowledge, as long as you want it to be.

    The current workflow is a bit meh, unless you're a 2017 user, they added lots of features for color correcting and grading, this is a step in the right direction. It's very possible that despite they didn't implement a node system, I'm going to definitely be changing to just 1 software as far as editing, effects and colors are concerned. By doing so it will save time, because right now I have to go back and forth between software.



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    If Windows users install QuickTime they get import support for reading ProRes media and other QuickTime formats. Installing the Avid QuickTime Codecs adds the ability to import DNxHD/HR media as QuickTime MOV files. HitFilm Pro 2017 Win has native support for Cineform but earlier versions require installing GoPro Quik Desktop/Studio before you can import Cineform media. 

    Mac users have native ProRes support of course but they should be able to install the Avid QuickTime codecs to gain DNxHD/HR support and the GoPro Quik Desktop/Studio for Cineform support.


    Prior to HitFilm Pro 2017 the Windows export options were limited to uncompressed AVI, DV (SD only), H.264 and PNG or OpenEXR half (16 bit) image sequences. Pro 2017 added native Cineform 10 and 12 bit export and OpenEXR 32 bit float export.

    Mac users already had ProRes as an export option in lieu of uncompressed AVI and Pro 2017 has added OpenEXR 32 bit float export. Mac users also have the ability to export a PNG sequence as an MOV file. Windows users can do the same without too much trouble but it means a few extra steps and using FFMpeg to get there.

    The highest level output for either version has and likely always will be OpenEXR image sequences.



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