HitFilm Plugin Blurs Crash Sony Vegas Pro 13 or 14 (Resolved)

AlAry Website User Posts: 17
edited March 2017 in Ignite

Apply either: bilateral blur or chroma uv blur or lens blur to a .jpg and Sony Vegas crashes with Unmanaged Exception error.  Blurs applied from Red Giant like Blur or Channel Blur do not fail. Anyone with advice much appreciated.


  • Ady
    Ady Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,469 Staff

    @AlAry - Are you referring to Ignite Pro 2017 or the previous version?

    I've just tried Bilateral Blur, Lens Blur & Chroma UV Blur from Ignite Pro  2017 on a .JPEG issue without issue in Vegas 14.

    What dimensions are your .JPEG image? The one I used was 5641 x 3761.

    Additionally, if you are using .JPEG images with the Vegas Integration, this is not supported.

  • AlAry
    AlAry Website User Posts: 17

    Ahh, 'tis the latter. Thanks for the help.

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