Difficulty navigating the website

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im sad because your site i so unintuitional. hard to see the log in button from every page.

 and i dont know wchich version is the newest i cant find update tool. coz i dont have rate stretch tool

 i wont come back here so coment if you want, maybe i will


  • Skorpionpl
    Skorpionpl Posts: 4
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    now i know, how the fack i download and older (3) version from the main site!?

    heh minimalism isn profesionalizm. LEARN GUYS! LEARN!

  • DanielGWood
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    Hi @Skorpionpl

    I'm sorry to hear you find our website unintuitive.

    Our design philosophy, informally, is to show you the content you need, when it is relevant to do so. A lot of thought goes into getting the balance between too much and too little information on our sites.

    You're right that we don't show a login button on every page. We do provide a link to "Account", which will require you to login, and is what most people actually want. If you ever visit a part of our website which requires you to login, you will be prompted to do so, and similarly if there is a benefit to logging in (such as Upgrade discounts) you will find there is always a link prompting you to do so. So you aren't forced to login unless there is actually some value to doing so.

    As to which version is the newest, the product description for the newest version of Pro and Express are conveniently linked from "HitFilm Pro" and "HitFilm Express" on the menu. It's the same for Ignite too. We've followed this pattern on our website for years (in fact, the URLs have also been largely the same, too), so in general people find it easy to work out.

    If you have HitFilm installed and your software is not up to date, you will be shown a software update message when you open the program - again, this is when you'd expect to be told. If you want to check manually, you can find links to the latest versions in our Support pages. I'd say this is exactly when it is useful to know.

    If you have a registered license for our older software, you can download it from Your Account. You can also find these links in Support. If you don't have an older license though, there is no sense in providing links to download it - these products are no longer on sale, and so you couldn't activate them.