Hitfilm Youtube Channel introduction

iDatus Posts: 122 Enthusiast

I thought I was going mad mixing Tuesday with Thursday with your eagerly awaited Hit film tip of the week.

You intro video says Tuesday but the text and actual day is Thursday.

Can you use Hitfilm to change the audio track to have the lovely Kirstie say Thursday please?

Maybe do a Thursday video on creating a new youtube intro clip for all us wannabes using the new 2017 pro version, that be nice.

PS Happy to accept a fitting reward for spotting this ;-) a VIP tour round your facilities (yes I live in England),  a team signed festive card or a ta very much Mr Datus.


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff

    Ta very much, Mr. Datus! We used to upload on Tuesdays, back when that video was created. But since then we have moved our upload schedule to Thursdays, as indicated in the description of that video, and in the note added in the video itself. Well spotted though, and thanks for pointing it out.

    Should you stop by our offices at some point, we won't refuse you a tour. :)

  • I live in the Netherlands but when I'm around one day I want a tour as well.