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For a long time I was mainly using HitFilm to assist with my stopmotion lego projects which were great fun to do and couldn;t have been done without HitFilm (or VisionLab back in the day).  After a while though I started concentrating on using Daz Studio and Vue but combining with Hitfilm to create art.  I've been lucky in that a couple of my images have ended up being printed in the UK mag 3D Artist but about 3 years ago a writer who was familiar with my work suggested that I should combine the style of art I was working on with his writing to create comics and something a bit different. We stayed in contact and he wrote out a story that we both thought could be a real showcase for the style. After a few weeks we both decided to collaborate for the duration of the project.

The idea in part came about because we were using tablets more for reading comic books and thought that a digital art based comic,when not rendered overly realistic, could look fantastic on today's tablets and mobile phones. 

We started work on an original series of characters who would later interact with real historical people and characters of myth and legends. After my colleague wrote the first three issues we realised the immensity of this project so we decided to scale down a little and concentrate on one character to set the foundation for the story and roll it out in phases.

I'm happy to say that after months of re-writes, rendering, re‑rendering and even re-re-rendering we finally compiled the first issue of the mini-series "Twilight of the Gods - Medusa".  We launched (very quietly) on Amazon last month and over the past few weeks have been toiling away creating our social media platforms and some promotional material.  We also have been working on further issues and also have a Kickstarter due to release in the next few days.

We've used Daz Studio extensively along with Vue to create the 360 panoramic skies and composited in Photoshop and/or Hitfilm (when additional special effects were needed).  The Particle Effects engine, Lightning, Light Wrap, 3D Text and colour correction tools have all been a massive help in creating what we've been working on 

We're delighted to be able to finally tell people about this and also show artwork from it, especially here, a community I have really enjoyed interacting with over the years.

I've included  a couple of links to our Amazon pages for you to have a look at if you're interested! Any help we can get through our social networking channels is hugely appreciated.

Thank you for looking and reading this huge thread!

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    Wow, great to hear about HitFilm being used in a different way @TheRealJayWalker.

    I'm sure loads of people here (including me) would love to know more about your workflow - I often use HF in conjunction with Photoshop to create images - the store boxes on this website for instance and the Star War X-Wing image we posted last year.

    Good luck with "Twilight of the Gods - Medusa".

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    Thank you for the kind words and luck @JoshDaviesCEO This has been a huge undertaking but tons of fun to do, and can't say enough about how HitFilm has been invaluable in putting this all together.

    I actually approached making this in the same way I've done stopmotion.  Daz plates are all lit and rendered out as a .tif (generally about 2K wide) and then composited with the Vue backplate.  Additional smoke and effects are all added at this stage in HitFilm and then all graded together to look as seemless as possible.

    I took stills from the Fire and Explosions pack you guys made years ago and also composited those in where needed.  Where I have scenes that involve fire (part 2 hopefully is out this weekend and uses a lot of this), I would use Daz's own Uberlights to control the colour and fall off in the scene and then composite the flames in Hitfilm.  I've found over the years that Light Wrap is such a massive help in bringing this all together!

    For the initial scene with the two boys sword fighting I found that rendering the Vue backplates for the Greece landscape was too time consuming so I was able to render out a 360 panoramic and then take that it into Hitfilm, add a fisheye warp and then match my Daz plates to the 3D Camera in Hitfilm which saved me literally days of constant rendering!

    We've a Kickstarter due out sometime next week where again I used Hitfilm a lot to create our animated log, and a fully animated timeline all done in 3D space with light flares, particles, and titles.  The fact that I was able to do all of that in one weekend speaks volumes for not only your software but also your fantastic Youtube page which pointed me in the right direction when I got stuck! 

    Thanks again for you kind words sir!



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    Well, congratulations on the launch! It's always rewarding when a project goes live.

    I know some other artists on here have used Hitfilm for stills (as have I), but I don't think I've heard of someone using Hitfilm extensively on a sequential narrative project! Sample pages look very nice as well. There's a kind of "DAZ look" one can spot when using Poser models rendered in DAZ, but the combination of Vue and Hitfilm elements gives a different feeling to your panels.

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    Thank you Triem23.  Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Yeah I know what you mean about the 'Daz look',  We've tried to create a style of our own in that we didn't want to go too life like as I think readers would have found that too unusual to follow.  You're right in that using Vue really helped there and using HitFIlm and Photoshop to composite it all together really helped bind it all.

    Issue 2 was approved by Amazon on Saturday which was really exiting to see and our Kickstarter went live yesterday.  I used HitFilm on that to create the animated logo along with the project timeline where I followed Simon's Nebula tutorial from a couple of years back but added a particle effect to control the light beam!

    Thanks again

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    Wow that's nicely done. Good use of the effects for stills.

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