Batman: Dark Days

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[attachment=649:dark days poster.png]
Hey Guys... we're working on a short batman film and need some help from the amazing hitfilm community.
here's some info about the short animated film.
Dates it takes place: 9th of November 1983 – 9th of November 1989.
Length (excluding titles and credits): approx. 10-15 mins.
Story outline: Batman’s final six years in action. Bruce Wayne starts the film at the age of 40 and ends at the age of 46. Following a nuclear strike test… President Reagan puts a ban on super hero activity, due to the death of superman. The film will incorporate a set of B-list villains with a dark twist... it will be based about what you request it to have.
we currently have: a rough transcript, character outlines and a theme prepared for the film.
If you want to help, say in the comments. (provide artwork, animations, shorts, audio, voicework, compositions, e.t.c.) 
we plan to finish the film by 2015-2016 and premier it on youtube in 2016.


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    [attachment=650:batman poster.png]
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    I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into animation having dabbled in it for a while several years ago, but 2-3 years to develop a 6 minute film seems like a long time even doing in your spare time! What kind of animation are you doing?

    As for the poster I'd suggest some form of graphic to aid it, even if it's a teaser poster you could get something on there without giving anything away, and maybe try a more traditional portrait aspect poster?
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    How long do you expect the film to be? Do you have a budget? What people do you need? Artists? 3D or 2D? Do you need a cast? If so what parts? Do you need sound designers? Composers? Folly artists? What do you want the community to contribute?
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    it's gonna be around 10-15 minutes of animation and will be in 2D... all our budget has gone into google adwords for promoting it when it's finished... we ideally need animators, artists, scene designers, voice actors and composers.
    we will release a full list of characters and info later on today.
    i have given it a long time as i expect half a year to finish script and designs and complete al pre-production.
    we also need time to take in contributions from the hitfilm community.
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    Here's the full list of characters that will require voicing and will make up most of the animation:
    [attachment=651:BDD - Characters.pdf]
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