worried about deleting important app files

please forgive me i am OCD. i checked b4 i deleted old junk pictures and files.

i am just paranoid(OCD kinda kicking in) that i deleted an important file to run hit film.

i did some tests and it seems to be running fine.

what would happen if i deleted the file/files that ran the app?

should i really even be worrying.


thank you very much for your help and for putting up with me.

this is the last time i will ask a question like this. 





  • Palacono
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    If it works, you broke nothing. You'd have to dig around quite a bit into several folders to break it. Even if you did do that and randomly had deleted important files in (some hidden) folders to the point that it did break, then all you'd need to do is reinstall it anyway, so you can stop worrying.

  • i had to clear my computers history cache and cookies on safari and chrome for various reasons.

    did i accidentally delete any important files, or pieces/compenents of hit film?


  • tddavis
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    The history files would most likely be only links that can be relinked if needed which I doubt.  Ditto for Cookies.  I am honestly not all that versed in Hitfilm yet myself, but I do not believe it puts any files of importance in any other folders than those under the Hitfilm program folder and FXHome folder in your documents.  I think the most you could deleted would be links to media and such that can easily be relinked in your projects if they turn up "missing."  And as @Palacono said, the worst outcome would be to have to reinstall the program if you should have done something which I seriously doubt.  The only way to make the program not work that I can see is to delete willy-nilly with the Hitfilm folder in "Programs" or Registry.

  • Palacono
    Palacono Posts: 3,414 Enthusiast

    You did the equivalent of emptying a car's ashtrays and you're worrying that the engine will stop working. It wont.

    The evidence is pretty compelling: it's still running.