HitFilm & Sony Vegas 12 Pro Integration

This may sound like a dumb question, but how does one switch back to Sony Vegas after saving a project imported from it into HitFilm.
I'm having no problem getting it into HitFilm and doing the magic there, but going back to Vegas (seamlessly) has me stumped. I tried saving the file and just switching back, but I get a red error banner saying something about activating HitFilm. Will this not work with the demo version? Part of my evaluation should include whether or not I can use the two applications together, since Vegas has features that HitFilm doesn't and vice-versa.


  • Nate066
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    I think you have to buy the software to be able to use the integration between HF2 and Sony Vegas.
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    Treat Vegas/Hitfilm integration like this: Sony Vegas Pro 12 will read the editor track (not composite shots) of a Hitfilm project and treat it as a piece of embedded media (like a nested.veg file on a timeline). Right-clicking on a piece of media in Vegas and sending it to Hitfilm sends a copy of the current clip to Hitfilm, names it with the clip name and replaces the original clip on the Vegas timeline with the Hitfilm project. You can also load Hitfilm projects directly onto a Vegas timeline (remember, again, Vegas is looking at the Hitfilm editor timeline, not composite shots.) I am unaware of this integration not working with the demo, but, according to Hitfilm developers, you do need to install Vegas BEFORE Hitfilm.
  • This does not quite answer my question. I need to know what specific steps to take to make this work.
    I watched Gary Rebholz's webinar from Sony Creative Software on this topic:
    He simply switches back to Sony Vegas, and the clip there is replaced with the new modivied version from HitFilm.
    I have had Sony Vegas 12 Pro installed for some time now, and have been using it extensively, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Here are the steps I have tried:
    1) Open a clip in Sony Vegas on the timeline
    2) Right-click and choose 'Add HitFilm Effect'
    Immediately, the clip video contents in the Vegas timeline is replaced with a red background with white letters that says "Please activate HitFilm 2 Ultimate and restart this application"
    3) HitFilm then opens and its timeline now has my Vegas clip there
    4) I do something to the clip (change color correction - whatever). There's no composite, just the editor is active.
    5) I click Save in HitFilm
    6) Alt-Tab back to Sony Vegas, and the clip there is the same red warning. The Vegas timeline is not replaced with the clip from HitFilm.
    From what I can tell by looking at the webinar, I am following the steps exactly, but I don't get the same result.
    Am I missing a step?
    Maybe Nate066 is correct!
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Have you tried booting HitFilm separate from Vegas, and activating HitFilm?
  • HitFilm isn't running when I do the thing in Vegas. It starts up and loads the clip when I do the Add HitFilm Effect.
    I can't 'activate' in the usual sense since I am using the demo version and have not yet paid for the key.
    If the warning is asking me to do that, I think that may be the problem.
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    This may be quite late, but the answer is to uninstall Vegas Pro and Hitfilm.  Re-install Hitfilm 2 Pro first and THEN re-install Vegas Pro 12.  Vegas Pro 12 will 'see' Hitfilm and then integration will work as it is supposed to.
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    I'm pretty sure Vegas needs to be installed first so Hitfilm can see it and install the needed plugin for Vegas.
  • karma
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    I'm pretty sure Vegas needs to be installed first so Hitfilm can see it and install the needed plugin for Vegas.

    Perhaps you are right.  I remember that re-installation was important but was not too sure on the order.