Where do I start?!?!

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So, let me get this straight... I got all of this stuff that comes with express (minus the Addons of course) and there is NO yearly/monthly pay or charge??? or is that just too good to be true? Cause if it's not then my God, I think I found my new favorite thing to do now! I never liked editing and that's really just because all the "FREE" hardware really wasn't... I mean, God there seems to be a lot of stuff that i can mess with besides just chopping up the video and such. 

What I'm saying is, am I just over hyping this?!?!?


  • chriguf
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    Use it, feel it, edit and compose with it, enjoy it.

  • DanielGWood
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    Express really is free. No charges, no obligation to purchase anything, ever.

    There are paid add-ons as you've discovered, and those with an Express license (plus one or more add-ons) then get a discount on Pro if they ever choose to upgrade.

    It is ridiculously powerful and has a ton of features. The comparison with our Pro software can be found here: http://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-4-express#comparison

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    You are obliged - if you want to have some cool features for literally peanuts. - to buy the Starter Pack. :)

    Be nice to yourself, you deserve it. :D

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    It is all true, and no, you are not over hyping this! :)

    One of the best benefits of the Hitfilm software is the community. There are so many free online resources, you cannot help but learn everything there is to know about the software. Here are a couple of videos that quickly go through some of the online places you can go to learn faster...

    Enjoy, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask!

  • SteveKarstensen
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    Welcome to the cult.  It really is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.  

    I literally found Hitfilm when I was considering dropping cash on the subscription to After Effects.  One-time fee?  Sold.  Took the plunge and never looked back.

    And honestly, compared to all the other free editors out there, I feel Express is the only one that lets you do anything beyond stitching files together to burn for Grandma.  So yeah, go nuts.  Enjoy.

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    Hitfilm 4 Pro is a all in one solution to Video editing, VFX Compositing and some 3D capibilities and audio editing although, Hitfilm does need a lot of work on the Audio. Hitfilm 4 Pro is £280 or about $330 to keep forever. New versions are released annually and if you purchased a previous version you can get a discount on the next version. If you dont want to pay all that money straight away then you can get hitfilm 4 express which is not a demo, not a trial it is yours forever just with lat features to give you a taster of what pro can do. There are loads of tutorials on the 'Hitfilm' YouTube channel telling you how to get started and how to do some awesome VFX.