How to Fix slow and laggy video preview

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Hey guys,

I was trying to edit my project for my english class, and as I try to preview the FPS drops heavily. I was wondering if there is an option I can change to stop this lagging



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    What is the encoding format of the video (not just the three letter extension? Some formats are very CPU-intensive to decode and some are much easier. I'm still a total video-editing noob myself but if your footage is AVCHD .mts then you'll definitely want to transcode it to something like DNxHD .mov. You can do that really easily with a free program called Shotcut - there are many alternatives but that the one I prefer.

    If you don't know the format of the file something called Mediainfo will tell you - after launching it you can right click on a file and select Mediainfo then choose the Tree option from the View  menu. You could copy and paste the information here for more help.

    If your problem is something else, hopefully someone else will be able to help.

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    I think your right THX1139, but the download for Shotcut isnt working, so what are some of the Alternate converters.

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    @TR8R  WHich version did you try to download?  I've got the Win64 downloading right now?  There's a setting for the preview window at the top that lets you adjust the resolution of the preview as well.  It might help a little if it's not the file type issue.  I have been setting mine for 1/4 output (only putting it to full when I'm not playing the timeline)

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