A little help for slow PCs

If you have a slow PC like me, but want a smooth playback in Hitfilm, there is a solution.

1. Compress your files with Handbrake

Compress them as much as possible. Quality doesn't matter since we won't export these in the end. We only need a smaller file size to be able to edit smoothly. Save these smaller files in a different folder, but with the same name as the original.

2. Import your large files into Hitfilm

Import them and put them into timeline in correct order.

3. Relink footage

In the media section, right click on one of the large video files, navigate to the compressed file and relink. Do this process for all files.

4. Edit your video

Edit smaller files as usual.

5. Relink again

Relink files from media tab like before, but this time you are relinking smaller files to original files. Everything you edited will apply to your original files.

6. Export

Export your film and you are done!

I hope this helps.


  • NormanPCN
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    edited October 2016

    If you have a lot of media files in a project, another way to "relink" between a proxy and the original where Hitfilm can do all of this work for you is to put the proxy and originals in separate folders. Both the original and proxy media file must have the same filename including extension (mp4, mov). Then you just rename the folder while outside of Hitfilm. 

    For example have two folders. Name one "Proxy" and the other "Media". In the project import all media from the "Media" folder. Then to use the proxy files just rename the "Media" folder to something like "Originals" and rename the Proxy folder to "Media". So whatever media file you want Hitfilm to use, proxy or original, you just have that folder named to whatever was used for media import on project creation. "Media" in this example.

    If your original Media is scattered across many folders this method does not work.

  • Palacono
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    ...which is why a Consolidate all Media into a Single Folder option would be great for backing up.