How to move along everything to the right of the playhead to make space

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I've decided that an additional scene needs to go on my timeline so I want to shove everything out of the way to make space on the timeline. I've inserted an audio track and I'd like everything to move out of the way of that audio track which I'll then cut down and add appropriate footage to.


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    Hitfilm does not have an "insert space" command to do this but it is still easy to do.

    Probably the easiest way to do this would be to zoom out so you can see the whole timeline and drag a selection box around everything you want to move and then just drag it to the right making space. You will need to also need to be able to see all tracks as well to be able to select everything.

    If you don't have a lot of tracks of video and audio, possibly unlinked, then maybe just doing a simple insert edit can be enough for your needs. You can insert directly from the trimmer and you can do an insert edit on the timeline. The documentation is wrong about the key modifier for an insert edit move. It says Alt and it is actually the Shift key.

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     Thanks again, Norman! I didn't realise you could make it insert - I was afraid of causing other clips to change size.

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    Also not sure if you are aware but if you find out also you set your composition up to short of time for the length of footage you are using and wish to change the length longer after you have already started working on the project. You can right click on the composition you are working in in the media window and select properties, and once in that window you can adjust the comp length and add or reduce the amount of time needed there so the timeline is exact to your needs, Took me a while to figure that out when I was getting started. Talk about a headache restarting the project cause the length isn't long enough LOL

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