crashing, unable to use Hitfilm 4 pro

Soundivad Website User Posts: 19

Hello everyone.

i haven't used hitfilm in a while, i wanted to do something recently but i'am unable to use the software (Hitfilm 4 Pro), it keeps crashing.

if i try to load a project: crash

open a new project: crash

even if i simply close the program after launching it without doing anything i get an error crash message.

i installed the latest hitfilm update, i tried to do an uninstall and reinstalling it, but that didn't help.

graphic card drivers are up to date

all latest windows 10 updates installed


my system:

windows 10 64 bit

16 Gb ram

Amd Fx 8370

msi lighting 290x 4 gb


someone with an idea on how to solve this issue?


thank you all



  • Soundivad
    Soundivad Website User Posts: 19

    Hello all, 

    I was able to resolve the issue myself, a defective/corrupt Database "cache.db" file was the source of all issues as creating a new one did resolve everything. :)

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,013 Ambassador

    @Soundivad Thanks for posting your solution.   Sorry you had to figure this out yourself. 

    I assume the offending file was in this location?   C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Local\FXhome\HitFilm 4 Pro\cache\Media  

    I'm on Win 7 so the location may be different on Win 10.

  • Soundivad
    Soundivad Website User Posts: 19

     C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Local\FXhome\HitFilm 4 Pro\cache\Media  

    yes this is the location


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