Ocean VFX for short film 'Space' - Including Breakdown

DanielMorgan Posts: 324 Just Starting Out
This is a VFX breakdown for the opening shot of the upcoming Sci-fi ‘SPACE’. I had a brief to create a shot of a new york skyline with a meteor shooting across the sky (meteor’s not included in this shot). I also needed to have the New York bay in the scene. Most people would jump to lightwave or blender to create a 3D ocean and I was pretty certain I would be doing the same, however, I was recently introduced to a nifty plug in for After Effects called ‘psunami’ from the folks at Red Giant. This plug in allows you to animate 3D oceanographic scenes, within AE.
It’s a bit tricky to learn, but once you get going, you can create some beautiful scenes quickly. I really wanted to stay within After Effects or Hitfilm for this, so the plug in provided me with an ideal scenario. The video linked here will show you all the elements of the shot coming together to create (what I think) is a lovely shot. A lot of the shading elements in this video are easily do able in Hitflm and hopefully the way this is all pieced together might be of some use to people here :)