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I need to get a 5 minute video down to 25mb. It also can only be rendered in avi, mpeg, wmv or mp4. I am looking for a really good compression while retaining a video that is still watchable. To render I am using Sony Vegas Pro 13.
Is there any compression to achieve this?


(The guidelines given above are dictated by a contest)


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    5 minutes = 300 seconds

    25 M bytes ~ 200 M bits

    200,000,000 / 300 ~ 666 K bits per second total bitrate. That bitrate needs to include audio and video.

    That is an extremely low bitrate for HD. The AVC/H.264  encoder in Hitfilm or Vegas cannot give anything that low with quality. Both use the Mainconcept AVC encoder. Even x264 (Handbrake and others) is likely not going to be able to achieve good quality at that bitrate. It depends on what the resolution of the video is. It had better be small.


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    What Norman said. My advice? Definitely use something other than H264, you will get garbage out at that bitrate.


    I'm not familiar with Sony vegas, but I recommend you try out Handbrake to transcode the video. 

    Handbrake can use the H.265 codec, which was built to compress 4K files down to reasonable sizes without as much quality loss as previous codecs. It will hopefully looks nicer when running at 666K-bits per second.

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    1920x1080 video @24 fps is 145 MEGABYTES per second when decompressed. You are trying to compress to 0.67 Megabytes per second?

    Bottom line, no matter what you do, that's going to look like crap. The contest specifies 25 MB max file size? That's terrible! 

    Honestly, your only hope for something that looks passable is to downsample to 640 px wide (Standard Def). That will reduce the pixel data to 1/6 of the HD amount, effectively giving you the same compression ratio as HD footage at about 3.5MB/second.