Turb displace? (SOLVED)

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I do, and I'm sure many Hitfilm users do, see Hitfilm as a free subsitute for Adobe After Effects.  So, I was wondering if there's any way to achieve the very common "turb displace" effect in AE?  Bit of a random question, but I just thought it would be cool to have.


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    Two methods for similar Displacement in Hitfilm Express. Turbulent Displacement is a Displacement filter using a fractal noise equation to drive the pixels. A regular Displacement filter uses a Control Map Layer. Well, HHitfilm has Displacement and Fractal Noise. Create a Composite Shot called "Displacement Map. Create a plane, add fractal noise. Adjust the scale and animation to taste. 

    In the Composite with your footage, drag in the Displacement Map comp. Turn it off, and go ahead and move it to the bottom of the Layer Stack. 

    Create a Grade Layer. Add Displacement. Select the Displacement Map comp as Source Layer and adjust X/Y Displacement until you have the look you want. 

    Roll your own Turbulent  Displacement. 

    Or, buy the Destruction Pack for $25,use Heat Displacement and turn down Diffusion to 0.

    This spanking new @NxVisualStudio tutorial shows Heat Distortion. This technique is adapted from an AE technique using Turbulent Displacement. 


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    @Triem23 Thanks for the info,  I will definitely be using it soon :)

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