Just finished my new short "DY, SON"

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Spent about a month and a half shooting + post on this. Really my first big foray into indie filmmaking. It was a ton of fun, and I commissioned my first score! Definitely a good decision, they did a fantastic job. I'm really happy with how this turned out, sharing the production process got me a ton of support on my Patreon, and I made it entirely for free in HitFilm 4 Express! That's really something.

Of course, spending a month in an editor, I see a ton of problems with it as well :P Constructive criticism is welcome!



  • Andy001z
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    @eganworks Wow that was great. Ok of course I pick a couple of holes here and there but overall this was nicely edited, some great little use of VFX as well. I liked the dust camera angle that was good and I liked the dust trail effect. I think you could of made the dy'son suction noise a bit louder to give it more impact. Oh and when the dust is going up against the new model of Dy'son then I think you should of added some shake effect to the shot to give the impreession that the dust kings world was under attack.

    Great job.

  • eganworks
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    Ah man, some camera shake in dust world would've been perfect! Thanks for the kind words :D