Vegas "Add Hitfilm effect" crash! "Solution" found !?

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I already read about the problems with the linking between Vegas and Hitfilm.
A solution, I read about, was to make sure there were no spaces in the filepath, which worked for me.
But now I wanted to edit some other videos and the problem occured again, eventhough there aren't any spaces in the path or filename.
(H.264 mp4 files with 1920x1080, that work perfectly in Vegas and Hitfilm alone)
I just wanted to let you know about that, because I didn't find any other thread, that mentioned that.
And yes, I have the latest versions of both programs installed.
I hope that issue gets fixed soon, cause it's been there since last year!


  • maumaumaumau Website User Posts: 23
    So, it seems like a found a "solution".
    That might also be interesting for the fxHome staff!
    If you click "Add Hitfilm effect", and Hitfilm starts, look at your taskmanager. You'll see the process "HitfilmServer.exe" TWICE!
    The first one comes up as soon as you click the button, the second one comes up, when HitFilm starts.
    Kill one of the processes. If it's the right one, Vegas will keep working.
    And after I've done that, I closed and opened Vegas and HitFilm a few times, and the problem did not occur anymore. HitfilmServer.exe existed only once.
    I think that's much better than nothing.
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