John Smith Dematerialisation - Landing at the heart of FXHome.

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Ok I'll start with a simple reason for this post, I'm not looking to travel to Norwich, it's more to do with 'not on the map' 

I have been working on an advertisement for my new Tardis model and I've been working on one of JohnSmiths VFX shots, the thing is this chap is someone I consider a precision artist, pulling off one of his shots is time consuming, difficult and render heavy but I'm hopeful that I've pulled it off.

I need to land the Tardis and I don't want it to be any old location, I tried to find a suitable image on google maps to find a similar image close to or right on the doorstep of FXHome and it has proven none existent and even if I did it would likely be stamped with copyright or be of low detail,  

This is the most realistic/lifelike shot I've ever done and really want that last element to fit well/have some meaning, if anyone at FXHome could shoot a decent parallel picture I'd be extremely grateful, I'll multi tag staff after this paragraph :)

What I mean by parallel I guess is to have a clear space in the middle of the picture be it road/gravel and objects side to side like cars, trees or whatever you guys have sat outside your premises, a bit like this ( this way I can end the shot by landing the Tardis practically flatline and upright, I'm guessing the average tripod at full hight will cover this, I'm also working in 4k so the image quilty will likely need to be from the DSLR.

I hope you guys can help on this, I know it's probably the oddest request but I promise it's worth it  :)

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