How to make a fade from black/fade to black?

I'm trying to make a fade from black at the start of my video and a fade to black at the end of my video.


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    Many ways to do this.

    On the NLE timeline you can put the the cross dissolve transition on the end of the event to get a fade. On the left side to fade in. On the right side to fade out.

    On the NLE timeline you can use the opacity bar. That thin line going through the event. This is a more manual process. You create points, basically keyframes, on the line and adjust the respective points to go from 0 to 100% opacity as necessary. You are kind of drawing a graph.

    On the composite timeline you would keyframe the opacity of the layer.

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    On the NLE, you can also drop a "fade to color" effect. Depending on whether you drop it at the beginning or at the end of you clip, HitFilm will make it a fade-in or a fade-out.

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