Which Lens/Adapter Combination?

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So I've narrowed down my selection... I think. Keep in mind to use Auto lenses like the Sigma and Canon and utilize the auto features, I would need an electronic adapter (No budget for Metabones). This rig will be used for Cinematics and BTS's so I don't know if OIS is something I'll need however focus will be controlled manually with this FilmCity Model.

Adapters (EF lens of MFT x 2.88 Crop Sensor):


My rig will be nearly identical to the setup on the left:

If you have any suggestions, inputs, criticism on why this is a terrible idea and how I'm inexperienced with no concept of reality... please leave them below because I'd love to get your opinion :) Cheers!


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     Currently I am leaning Fotasy $100 adapter with the 35mm Rokinon for $400 and pairing them with the Film City follow focus.

    If I need OIS for BTS I can just get a MFT zoom lens around F4 and hopefully the terrible crop factor won't be an issue.

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    Don't get the $125 Canon 50mm f/1.8. I have one, and I love it. It takes great pictures, and it's the same glass as the 50mm f/1.4, but the f/1.8 has a very tiny focus ring at the tip of the lens that is physically impossible to attach a follow focus to, and has very slow and noisy auto focus. 

    Get the f/1.4. It's more expensive, but it's the better choice for video.

    Otherwise you have a solid plan. You might consider a 14mm, or even 8mm lens because of crop factor. Otherwise you're going to need some distance to shoot anything. I have this guy in an EF mount, and love it!  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=1040175&gclid=CIWl0rOYsc8CFdgLgQodOXkG_w&is=REG&ap=y&m=Y&c3api=1876,92051677442,&Q=&A=details

    Remember, Rokinon, Bower, Vivitar and Samyang branded lenses are all identical (and made by Samyang),  compare these brands. Usually one will be cheaper than the others. 

    Take a look at theEdelkrone FocusOne. Again, it's more expensive, but instead of a marking dial facing out for a focus puller on a multiple person camera crew, it has a dial facing back with a swiveling marker. Basically it's designed for one-man-band use. I know other videographers who swear by them for follow focus and am going to get one myself. 

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    My budget is $600 for an adapter/lenses/follow focus so what ever you think is best. My priorities are:

    1. Cinematic Look/Dynamic Range
    2. Improving Low Light/Framing (least crop possible)
    3. Tack-Sharp Optics/Bokeh (Going to try some anamorphic filters eventually)

    @Triem23 Do the 14mm and 8mm cause any distortion? If so how can I counter act it? Would the GoPro De-Warp effect work?

    That 8mm does look lovely! Hows the bokeh on it as a F3.5?

    With the BMMCC being 2.88 crop and the adapters at .7, essentially whatever EF lens I get will be times two, thus...

    • 35mm = 70 mm
    • 14mm=28mm
    • 8mm=16mm

    That being said getting the Dummy $15 adapter and the $100 x .7 adapter would essential offer me two different 'zoom' lengths. I realize the resolution is not impacted by the adapters and essentially I just zooming the 1080p footage but its something to worth looking into.

    The issue I was reading on the Edelkrone involved 'slipping' because the unit only fixes to one of the 15mm rather than both of the rods. Im sure with unit is amazing 99.99% of the time, but that was my only concern

     UPDATE: After doing the math as triem mentioned, subject area of 6ft height with a 35mm distance (70mm equivelent) would require 18ft from the subject to capture them. So I think it would be wise to look at 8, 10, and 24mm lenses instead of the 35mm.