Space-How to Make my MMU Go to Mission Base?

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Hello everyone!

So, I'm working on a project in HF4P that involves a space-chair and a docking probe use the little thrusters that they put in in movies like gravity. If you take a look at this video: and if you play it at 1/4 speed at :15, you'll see the little thruster thingies. I've gathered that it probably needs to be something with the particle system, but I don't have a ton of experience , so a more detailed explanation would be best. 

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    you can use the comp-effect "gunfire", with other colour.

    or 3d plane, generate moved cloud or fractal noise, color it white black, mask it, distort the horizontal, layeroption "add", maybee with setmatte for keyout black colour

    or use "heath distortion".

    sorry for my english


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    chriguf nailed it. Attach points to each RCS then parent a Gunfire effect to each point. Adjust colors to a grey, turn opacity down, animate the seed and you'll have to keyframe the active propery do it's only on when you want it.

    That won't be the most realistic look, but your other option is to build a 3D particle sim from scratch. In this case you'd use a point emitter with a cone trajectory (of about 10 degrees radius). You could leave the texture at the default, but you'd have to turn the texture scale way down to about 1-2%, turn up particles per second, then crank up the speed and turn the alpha down very low. Again, you'd have to keyframe the active property to be on olny when you want it. Then you're duplicating this emitter and parenting a copy to each point.

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    Awesome! Going to test it out. Amazing help as always


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