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My friend wants me to edit a video he has made, however, he wants me to mask someone's face with an image as they don't want their face to be seen. However, I have never really used tracking and he's also not in the shot all the time.

Could anyone send me a way to do this or send a link to something that will explain it?!

Thanks for any help! 


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    Yes, clic on the menu (top right), go to "Video tutorials", then in "Next steps" go to "Motion tracking" and view the very first tutorial, it will show you how to do just that.

    About your friend not being in the frame all the time, well, I'd cut the parts he's in and transform those into comps you could use tracking in.

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    Wow, from that video some of the panels etc. weren't in earlier did people  do anything before?

    One thing Simon says at about 1:02 about the Layer "always shows things undistorted etc." doesn't apply to Text. That's only ever on the Viewer window, which is really annoying, as if it was in the Layer windows, it would solve a lot of problems editing text that's had effects applied to it.

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    Ignore my post! Didn't see it was for express until after I'd posted

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    K thanks everyone! Managed to do it now :D

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    @Palacono Hitfilm's Order if Operations strikes again. The "Layer" panel always shows the "raw" state of a layer, before effects, but rendering the text IS an effect, so you just get shown the raw box. Same thing with planes. 

    I thinkthe Layer View panel is really onmy intended for video and photo assets. 

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    @Triem23 Ah, that old thing again. :)

    OK, but the text implementation is awkward for so many reasons. Resize the box and the origin doesn't change, so if you wanted it central you have to adjust it, or it's wonky when you rotate etc. Overlapping text layers fight for your attention when you click on them (top layer usually wins) so that really needs the Layer view to adjust them with.

    I know you could embed them into composites and edit them there un-Effected, but the tree grows pretty quickly and gets a bit unwieldy after a while. ;)

    Not everyone does everything once and never touches it again, especially if you've applied effects (even a simple rotate) to some text and want to duplicate it for another piece. Roll on HF5 and some (hopefully) pleasant fixes in that department. :) The resize text box staying central alone would be a nice fix and much like other editors.

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