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Hello everyone,

I have a problem executing this particular function in Hitfilm express involving  putting a sliding title with a solid plane in video.

This video from Hitfilm YouTube channel illustrates what I like to do for my project I have pinpointed the part of the video where it is being shown and discussed please take a look if so inclined. 

The part I referring to is at 1:17 time mark.

Unfortunately I am having the hardest time following what is being explained. 

Much obliged if someone has time to spare to explain this process. 



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    Yeah, in this particular tutorial, Simon skipped a couple of steps. Simon hasn't done anything "wrong" there, he just didn't cover redundant information from other tutorials. 

    So, once you have created your elements, you create a point layer, then parent your elements to the point. Then keyframe the point to slide it. This will drag the elements with the poimt.

    Take a look at this tutorial from Axel on keyframes. 

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    Thank you very much for your reply and help, triem23! :)

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