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Shore Scripts Adds Proofreading service to its Analysis + Development Portfolio

Writers become so close to their material that they can’t help but lose perspective at times. It happens to everyone. A professional’s feedback is paramount in helping you take your script to the next level. We offer two types of analysis:

5 Page Analysis – 5 pages of constructive notes that focus on: Premise, Structure, Character, Dialogue, Pace, Marketability, and a Conclusion. It will give you a clear overview of your screenplay.

10 Page Development Analysis – 10 pages of feedback on all areas of your screenplay, including: Premise, Structure, Character, Dialogue, Pace, Visuals, Believability, Marketability, and a Conclusion. It also includes an industry scorecard. Great for a comprehensive critique of your screenplay. 

Plus, we have a new Proofreading service. It’s the most common mistake we see – poor punctuation, grammar, spelling, and formatting.  No-one is going to take your script seriously if it fails because of rookie problems like this, so it’s essential that your script is proofread before sending it out into the industry. Our new proofreading service will ensure your script has the requisite polish to keep it on the spec pile rather than in the rejected bin!

To take advantage of this awesome opportunity submit your script:

With Big Thanks & Best Wishes to our 2016 Entrants! Quarter Finalists Announced 25th October!

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