How To Do This Dissolving Kind of Effect/Transition?

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    And this, especially those lines that form the triangle and shorten then disappear at the very beginning

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    Maybe there's an easier way... Anyhow, I used 2 pictures for this: one of a line and one of a triangle.



    I created a comp I named "LINES" with the line pix duplicated twice (so I'd have it 3 times) and put the triangle underneath, just to help me position the lines.

    I moved and turned each line so each would be on one side of the triangle, then I removed the triangle layer.

    Next, I selected one line and drew a mask that covered about 2/3rds of the line. I activated keyframes for the position of that mask, and I moved it just before the line. Then I moved about 14 frames forward and moved the mask again so it was positionned just after the end of the line. BTW, to move the mask, I dragged the mouse over the "position" figures in the control panel. Dragging the mask on the viewer didn't change them (!?).

    I did that for the two other lines.



    I could have done everything in the same comp, but I chose not to. So I created another comp ("TRIANGLE 1")in which I brought the picture of the triangle and duplicated it. I also put the "LINES" comp to help me position the triangles. Once that was done, I removed it.

    ...Well,if you'll excuse me... this is going to be a long explanation not everybody is interested in. I started typing and got carried away ;) So, to make a long story short, the rest is mainly keyframing opacity, brightness, and afterwards, scale and hue.

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    Thank you so much! I'll try it out when I have time! 

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