Hologram effect, Super hero landing and Flying through the air

Hi Everyone,

We just finished a (very) short video for my Nerf channel. 

I wanted to try out the hologram effect from the Avengers and also wanted to use our new green screen and try some flying and a super hero landing. ( Noob mistake .... I was wearing green shorts, ups...)

Anyway, please check out the video and let me know what you think. It would be great if you like and subscribe as well of course :)


  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Posts: 1,262 Staff

    @jeroenweung Thanks for sharing that video with us! Looks like you had great fun :)

    I really liked the hologram shots - those were *on point* and well timed with the swipe of his hand. The bits that didn't quite hit the marks were the ones you mentioned (wearing green shorts). But the great thing is that you LEARNT from that and will be sure not to do it next time. 

    All a great learning experience and kudos to you for trying some pretty complicated new effects for this video!

  • @KirstieT Thanks for the feedback! Still learning and making mistakes with lighting and green screening, but, slowly getting better in masking and blending in the effects. 

    My next video will be funnier and better for sure!