Advanced Green Screen Compositing

Nate066 Website User Posts: 191
I was wondering how studios composite actors with water. i get putting a actor in a tank with water with a green screen behind it. Ive been watching some movies and the actors stay under the water for 2 minutes and there were no edits, it was a really long scene. so are snorkel removed in post or something.if its not water how do they get the physics of the cloth and hair right.


  • Masqutti
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    That's a good question! Let's seek for an answer... 
    It seems some movies are shot in real oean circumstances. I believe that use of greenscreens and VFX, lately that's a diminishing way of doing things.
    Your idea of water tank might work well.
    I would use a large swimmingpool, and underwater gear, cameras and all to the deep. Why? Because the surface of the water always waves, so it distorts anything behind (or above) it, so greenscreen would look like a floating reflection & wouldn't always hit the spot. So greenscreen, lights, cameras and actors underwater!
    Must be other ways around it ofc.
    It is farily easy to remove snorkels in post.
    Altho, I would like to use a slow-mo when shooting underwater. I bet 50% slower wouldn't be recognizable by the audience but to add the feel of underwater even more, and allows actors to be underwater "longer", by illusion.
    That said, I'm not even sure greenscreen is always needed when shooting underwater. Just a dark swimminghall, would result in realistic "dark deep ocean".
  • Nate066
    Nate066 Website User Posts: 191
    Thanks for the info, maybe in the future ill do some underwater shots.
  • FlickeringLight
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    I'd stay dry, shoot the actor suspended in front of green screen, with a fan to replicate the water's current, using the highest possible frame rate, then render at normal speed. Depending on the depth of the water, I'd add a cubic particle generator to add volume to the composite shot, perhaps some fog and light rays.
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