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Hey guys - just wanted to say thanks to the FXHOME team for making such an incredible product (Hitfilm Pro).

After years of sitting on the fence (been here since 2011 under my old username 3dmus), I finally bit the bullet and bought it. Funnily enough it was the editing functionality that did it for me.

Background is that I have been using Premiere Pro CS5.5 + AE CS5 for the last years, but I never wanted to move to the subscription model. For the last years I've been looking for a replacement of the combo. Blackmagic's Fusion (the free version) has served me well, but from an NLE perspective I had issues with Blackmagic's Resolve. Functionality wise it's fantastic, and I understand it's a professional grading program first and foremost... However, from a real time performance  perspective, it was a letdown for me, even after updating my graphics card (to a GTX 970 4GB). Admittedly I used it mainly with H.264 codec, but even when converting to a proper editing codec, I didn't get the smooth experience I was looking for (and used to in PP). Not knocking it though, b/c it truly is a great piece of software!

I tried the Sony Vegas Pro 14 too and whilst I really like the way it works (automatic cross-dissolve when overlapping clips --> yay!), I was not convinced. Tried Lightworks too, but it was just too alien to me.

Yesterday I then decided to look at Hitfilm fits my needs! Tried multiple layers of H.264 with effects and it all worked real time. Of course, on top of that, the integration with the compositor, the fact that it's very intuitive doesn't hurt either!

Sure, the editor side could use improvements (preview rendering, automatic cross dissolve, maybe title tracks directly in the editor?) and other things), but right now I'm a happy bunny!



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