Convert AE to hitfilm project file

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is it possible to convert after effects files to hitfilm files? or is there a website for it or a download? because i see so many after effects templates that i like but i have hitfilm 4 express.


  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,918 Enthusiast

    Adobe use proprietary stuff.

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    Any kind of software to transfer between After Effects and Hitfilm is likely problematic to the point of impossibility. 

    So, with a dedicated NLE (Vegas, Avid, FCP, Premiere, Grass Valley, etc...) one can export an NLE frim one editor, but this will be done using an XML file or a Grass Valley file. In this case the only thing transferred is a straight cuts list--what parts of which clips are used, and in which order. All transitions, composites and effects will be stripped out as different NLEs are going to have similar, but not identical effects (as one small example, Vegas's basic blur doesn't have an "iterations"  slider like Hitfilm's. Just this one difference makes these blurs incompatible).

    Once we get into compositing and effects software it gets more complex. Hitfilm's internal effects are proprietary code, as are AE' s. Hitfilm takes OpenFx plug-ins but AE does not. Additionally the order of operations are different between the two programs, and the nature of their 3D coordinates are different (in AE 0,0 is the upper-left corner of a comp, in Hitfilm 0,0 is the center of the screen). 

    Add it all up and anyone writing a converter is quite unlikely.

    For Hitfilm templates, best place to look is the Preset Marketplace on .  That launched only a couple of months ago, but is rapidly growing, and, eventually that's going to be a major resource. 

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