HF4X not fully utilizing my hardware.

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Right now I'm rendering a 33 minute timeline at 720p.  CPU usage across all 4 cores fluctuates from 55% to 80% according to Open Hardware Monitor.  GPU isn't being utilized at all as far as EVGA Precision can tell.

Is there a way to have HF4X more fully utilize my hardware?  My CPU is an AMD A10 6800k and the GPU is an Nvivdia GTX 950.

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    Add effects and things like that and your GPU is going to be used more.

    The exporting works like this:  Render frame on GPU; encode it on CPU; render next frame on GPU; encode it on CPU.  And so on.  At periodic intervals a bunch of encoded frames will also be written into the file container on disk.  The encoding threads have to wait on the next frame to be rendered by the GPU before they can actually encode it.

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